At D-BAT Mansfield, our batting cages use real baseballs and softballs.

All of our pitching machines will accommodate baseball along with slow pitch and fast pitch softball.

Speeds range from:

40mph, 50mph, 60mph, 70mph

Fast Pitch Softball
40mph, 50mph, 60mph

Slow Pitch Softball
The perfect speed



Cage Rentals are a great way to work your kid out individually or bring in a team in for batting practice. Cage Rentals are rented out on 1/2 hr. increments. Each cage comes equipped with Baseballs/Softballs, "L-Screen", and a batting tee.




Play Home Run Derby or a 9 inning game with as many friends as you like, keep all your hitting stats for life. Hit home runs out of Major League Baseball Stadiums like New York, Texas, St. Louis, Pittsburg and many more.  Calculate your exit bat speed and more.  Watch it all on a 55" HD TV too.

Regular Baseball and Softball Machines:  15 Pitches per credit
Launching Pad: 25 Pitches for 2 credits.